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Latest News

Evil Slayer


The Evil Slayer is new project from the MadRockGames !
Fight against zombie, ghosts and other demons to protect pumpkins!
Awesome addictive action game that will not let you get bored!

You can find more description on the project page

Touchsters crash E3

Indies Crash E3 - Vote for the Touchsters!

Hi guys! We have took part in a small competition Indies Crash E3!
Vote for us, please!

Invasion of touchsters

We have going to completed our to last stage of our project, and now would to present you  much more information about Touchsters! Ofcourse all of you (yes, you, our best and single subscriber!) knowed about Henry! But he is not the only one touchers!
On the picture you can see some more from them! So, now, we are ready to acquaint you with others.
Yeah, yeah, I know, that you see - ofcourse it’s only programm art, and in the next version all graphics will be upgrade! But now we are sure that you will like them just as we!
In next posts we will give more information about each of them.

We will rock you!

We will Rock You !

Hi there!

We are sharing tasty details of the progress of the project. In this post you will know how all was started.

Main Menu

We are working hard to complete the game as soon as possible. 

In this moment we are focused on the game interface. Above this text you can view the first version of the main menu and also this is presentation of the game logo :) 

Ofcourse all this are underconstruction (as long as this is not an perfect) and final version will be later.



If you've been following us from the beginning (hello web crawlers!), you probably noticed the improvement of our website, but it is not the only thing that was done for this month,
and we will show you new content soon!

Gladly to inform you that Touchsters  arrived in our world is not turned back from their habits and started to communicate, so now you can keep track them at all the social networks!

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Hell Yeah!

The First version for Android is ready!