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Brian's Hell

Brian's Hell - a story about a boy named Brian who got lost in the dark forest and like a hero Divine Comedy found a portal to Hell. Fortunately Brian was lucky as if it may sound strange - to meet Death, which decides to help the poor boy, whose term has not yet come.

In spite of such a powerful ally to find a way back Brian require independently Death can only help isolate and hero of accidents.
During the game, as in any arcade, main character will jump over ravines, avoid traps and enemies. However, in contrast to the usual games of this genre the player can change a level to make it easier via switch to the Death character.
In addition, in case of failure, when Brian was trapped Death will allow him to try again to replay level.
Thus, the game has not only have arcade gameplay, but the puzzles that you have to solve.
Release is planned for the near future!

Download Tech-Demo


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